About Kala-E-Khaas & The Artist

"Creativity is contagious"

              - Albert Einstein

About Kala-E-Khaas

Kala-E-Khaas is a platform where we showcase handmade personalized art work.

We intend to reach out to art lovers with variety of antiques.

Kaka-E-Khaas connects creativity to its true admirer.

About the Artist

The artist behind Kala-E-Khaas “Sunita Babban Meena” is a happy home-maker.

Kala-E-Khaas is outcome of her creativity & love of sharing her artwork with people. She handpicks each and every material on her own and converts it into a masterpiece.

Sunita is living her passion and handling her family hand in hand and has become inspiration for many. She believes in empowerment of every being and is an ardent believer of the saying - "Creativity is Contagious".